Policy privacy

1. Basic concepts
Website resource is deemed the website content (including apps, links, documents, e-books, photographs and other information products).>User is deemed the Website user, which successfully went through the registration procedure and actively uses the Website resources.Policy is deemed the current Privacy Policy for the requested data terms of use.

2. General terms
2.1. The current Policy is deemed an official standard document and defines the individuals data procedure processing and protection, using the current Website Resource;
2.2. The current Policy goal is to ensure appropriate users’ data protection, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.
2.3. Relations, related to users’ data collection, storage, distribution and protection are governed by the current Policy and applicable law.
2.4. The current Policy version, in fact being a public document, was successfully developed by the Website Administration and is available to any Internet user by clicking on the Privacy Policy hypertext link. The Website Administration is entitled to make changes to the current Policy. The Website Administration notifies users about the current Policy changes, if any, by posting a new Policy version on the Website no later than 10 days before the relevant changes come into force. Previous Policy versions are stored in the Website Administration documentation archive.
2.5. The user agrees to the current Policy terms by using the current Website Resources.
2.6. The user must immediately stop using the current Website Resources, if he disagrees with the current Policy terms.

3. Website Resources Terms of Use
3.1. The Website Administration, acting reasonably and in good faith, while providing Website Resources service, believes that the user:
- is entitled to use the current Website Resources.
- specifies reliable own data to the extent, required to use the Website Resources;
- realizes that some data types, transmitted by him when using the current Website Resources, can’t be removed by the user himself;
- is familiar with the current Policy, agrees with it and fulfills own rights and obligations, specified in it.
3.2. The Website administration does not verify the users’ data accuracy.

4. Data processing goals
The Website administration processes users’ data, including personal one, in order to fulfill the Website administration obligations to users regarding the Website's resources use and providing users with current and final data.

5. Users’ data list
The Website administration is entitled to process users’ data, which includes:
5.1. Users’ personal data, provided with the users’ consent and required to use the current Website Resources, including name, email address and electronic wallets.

6. Users’ personal data processing
6.1. Users’ personal data processing is carried out on the following principles basis:
- personal data processing purposes and methods legality as well as good faith;
- personal data processing purposes compliance with the purposes, predetermined and declared during personal data collection, as well as the Website Administration powers;
- processed personal data amount, nature and methods correspondence to the personal data processing purposes;
- databases combination inadmissibility, containing personal data, previously created for incompatible purposes.
6.1.1. Personal data processing conditions and purposes
The Website administration processes the user's personal data with his consent in order to provide services to the user for the Website resources use.
6.1.2. Personal data collection
The User's personal data provided for in clause 5.1 of the current Policy are transferred to the Website Administration once given the User's consent. The User's consent to his personal data transfer to the Website Administration is provided in the implicit actions form, when the user first loads the Website Resources.
6.1.3. Personal data storage and use
Users' personal data are stored exclusively on electronic media and processed while using automated systems.
6.1.4. Personal data transfer
Users’ personal data transfer is not transferred to any third parties, except for as expressly provided for in the current Policy.
The Users’ personal data provision at the state bodies’ (local authorities’) request is carried out in the manner, prescribed by the law.
6.1.5. Personal data removal
The User's personal data is removed when the Website Administration removes user’s data, provided by him via his electronic media after such data relevance expiration;
6.2. Users’ personal data, received by the Website Administration, can’t be accessed by other users.

7. Users’ rights and obligations
Users are entitled to exercise unlimited free access to the Website Resources, thus updating their own data.

8. User’s data protection ways
The Website administration takes technical, organizational and legal measures in order to ensure the user's personal data protection from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution and from other illegal actions as well.
9. Policy restriction
The current Policy does not apply to the actions and Internet resources of the third parties.