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Weekly trading result for ALBERTUS LTD

Sep 19, 2022 16:27

According to the results of the last weekly trading, the Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency became the most profitable for ALBERTUS LTD. No other virtual currency from the top 100 by capitalization has grown in value during the reporting period.
CHZ has gained 12.06% in the last week. The cryptocurrency exchange rate fixed at $0.228. The total capitalization of assets circulating in circulation amounted to $1.37 billion. The total amount of transactions made by traders amounted to $25.6 million.
In the second hundred top cryptocurrency assets, only 2 virtual tokens were able to rise in price over the specified period of time. The first was the Reef Finance (REEF) project, whose value soared as much as 3.48% in a week. It traded at $0.0051, with a capitalization of $102.82 million. The total amount of transactions was $5.1 million.
Another virtual currency Velas (VLX) gained 6.48% in the reporting period. It was trading at $0.044, with a total supply of assets on the market of $104.45 million. The amount of transactions was $4.3 million.