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The best profitability of cryptocurrency for ALBETUS LTD over the past day

Sep 20, 2022 16:19

Algorand (ALGO) and ApeCoin (APE), Ripple (XRP) became the best cryptocurrencies in terms of daily profitability for ALBERTUS LTD. This list took into account only digital assets that are in the top 100 in terms of the largest market capitalization.
ALGO became the leader in profitability. This cryptocurrency returned to the top thirty with a capitalization of $2.36 billion. The cost of the coin was $0.337, which is 13.13% more than it was recorded on the previous day. Traders executed transactions with the asset for a total amount of $26.4 million.
APE has risen in price by 13.11%. On centralized exchanges, it could be purchased at an average cost of $5.79. The virtual token was ranked 32nd in the top rankings with a value of $1.77 billion in total supply. The company's traders secured $15.69 million worth of trades.
In addition, the price of Helium virtual currency (HNT) added more than 10% per day. Its rate was fixed at $4.62, which is 10.6% higher than the value of the previous day. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency is $584.41 million, and the volume of trading operations per day is $5.92 million.
Ripple (XRP). The virtual coin became more expensive at once by 8.87% and traded at $0.376. The volume of transactions amounted to $21.1 million.