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The most profitable crypto assets of ALBERTUS LTD per day

Sep 22, 2022 15:42

According to Albertus LTD experts, only four cryptocurrency assets from the list of the best were able to rise in price by 4% or more over the past 24 hours. This is a good result amid the fact that the global capitalization of the market again fell by 2.1% per day.
Algorand (Algo) had the most successful indicator per day. The digital token rose at a time by 7.39%, dwelling at the price value of $ 0.349. The total supply of coins circulating in circulation was $ 2.42 billion. Traders provided transactions of $ 11.07 million.
Next came the scandalous cryptocurrency Celsius (Cel), whose course increased by 6.82%. According to analytical services, the average purchase price of the asset amounted to $ 1.56, and capitalization was $ 373.48 million. The traders issued a transaction for $ 1.07 million over the past day.
The place on the impromptu pedestal of honor also went to Chiliz. The quotes of the Chz fan-token increased. It was available for acquisition of $ 0.242, which is 6.4% higher than the same value of yesterday. The total capitalization of $ 1.45 billion made it possible to rise to 37th place in the ranking of the most successful cryptocurrency assets. Daily volumes of trading - $ 24.14 million
Finally, the comound (Compound) decentralized finance platform has risen in price to $ 54.37, which is 4.23% more than yesterday's cost. The capitalization was $ 395.11 million, and market participants performed $ 2.32 million over the past 24 hours.